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i have been learning gui programming with Ruby, .. it is a lot more easier designing GUI's with languages like Ruby or Python , than C . I actually wanted to write a kernel installer , which would work like this , ....

nothing related to the kernel is involved in the functioning of the installer , here is how it would go step by step .... :

  • ask for the kernel archive file .(or may be just ask for the patch file and do the rest as same after applying the patch ).
  • process the available config techniques based on the presence of libraries (like make gconfig, make menuconfig , make xconfig, ... etc)
  • ask the user to choose the config technique
  • give the option for the user to load the .config file from the installed kernel
  • and then compile the kernel , the progress being shown in a display window
  • and then complete the installation and ask the user to reboot to use the new kernel

i just got this idea, .... does a tool like this already exist, ... or would it be worth it , to develop something like this ,....?


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