Installing qt4-ruby bindings !!  

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i installed the qt4-ruby bindings just now. It is a little confusing ( for me atleast), so i describe here the process to install the bindings, (for linux, i am using Fedora 8).....
-> install qt4 on your system
->get the qt4-ruby bindings from the RUBYFORGE site or from the following link, the following link might contain an old version , so go to the rubyforge site for the latest stuff, ....
->install cmake on the system if it is already not present
on a Fedora system u can do this by just using 'yum install cmake'
->then extract the archive and change to that directory ,
->then run 'cmake .'
this will automatically configure and create makefiles .
->then run 'make'
this should automatically install the bindings, just write a sample ruby program to check if it works !

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Hi Satish

Was trying out qt4-qtruby-2.0.3. As per your instructions, tried 'cmake', it comes out showing the options of cmake. I use FreeBSD 7.2.

Your blog design is very pretty!



August 15, 2009 at 4:10 PM

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