Was history ! :)

This blog represents a part of my undergraduate life when I was extremely active. The blog contains about 59 posts and excluding the previous one all the others were written in a span of 6 months ranging from Jan 2008 - June 2008. Which just tells how active I was in those days, and these were times when the Wi-Fi at campus was still in the planning phase and I was using internet over my GPRS enabled ancient Nokia 7610 (using wvdial + rfcomm over bluetooth). So it used to take like 10 minutes to update a post once written. But still never after that period have I written so much. Feels good to think about the intense work I did during the second year which looks simple now, but played an integral role in making me what I am today (if I am something !) !.

beginning again

Its been some time since I stopped writing here because I had my own site running drupal at, but today something happened which will work to change my life in the coming years. Whether for the good or bad, things after today will be in a new chapter in my life ,and as a resolution I have decided this blog and write stuff onto its pages, so those of you who have visited this blog and left in disappointment may not need to do so anymore. I will follow this post with a series of posts on using Linux for the common user.

Blog inactive

This blog is not active anymore , u can reach me at :

Installing ruby-Qt4 on Fedora 9

well it is a lot easier than on Fedora 8( which i could never complete though i posted the method here ), it is just the installation of an RPM , just do this if u want to write any GUIs with Ruby based on Qt4 yum install kdebindings u are ready to roll !!!

Kernel installer !

i have been learning gui programming with Ruby, .. it is a lot more easier designing GUI's with languages like Ruby or Python , than C . I actually wanted to write a kernel installer , which would work like this , .... nothing related to the kernel is involved in the functioning of the installer , here is how it would go step by step .... : ask for the kernel archive file .(or may be just ask for the patch file and do the rest as same after applying the patch ). process the available config techniques based on the presence of libraries (like make gconfig, make menuconfig , make xconfig, ... etc) ask the user to choose the config technique give the option for the user to load the .config file from the installed kernel and then compile the kernel , the progress being shown in a display window and then complete the installation and ask the user to reboot to use the new kernel i just got this idea, .... does a tool like this already exist, ... or would it be worth it , to develop so

removing tabbed display : drupal : user relationships...

so if you have used the user_relationships module in Drupal ( 5.x) , u would know that the My relationships link in the navigation menu , when clicked displays a page with two internal tabs, 'all' and 'pending'. If u didn't like the tabbed display , (i did not like it , so i made this change)u can as well change it to display any one of the options , pending or all , this is what has to be done , u will have to edit the hook file for the user relationships module , so the required file is "your drupal installation"/modules/user_relationships/ find the following code in the file and make the following changes . $items[] = array( 'path' => "relationships/list", 'title' => t('All'), 'access' => $view_access, 'type' => MENU_NORMAL_ITEM|MENU_DEFAULT_LOCAL_TASK, 'wei